Be a part of decisions that are made at SDSU!

San Diego State University is known around the country for its model of this thing called “shared governace“.

What exactly does “shared governance” mean, though?

SDSU’s Office of the President defines it as this:

Each member of the SDSU community, be it faculty, staff or student, shares responsibility for reaching collective decisions on matters of policy and procedure.

Let’s think of it in terms of the U.S. Federal Government:

Executive Branch = The Office of the SDSU President

Assembly = SDSU Associated Students

Senate = SDSU University Senate

While these bodies don’t operate in the exact same manner as the U.S. government nor do they have equal powers,  at San Diego State each of these bodies have certain roles in the decision making here on campus.

And SDSU’s administration takes this shared role very seriously, meaning that students really do have a voice in the decision making process here.

Just as the Associated Students Council welcomes a few SDSU faculty members onto its boards and committees, the SDSU University Senate provides a few seats on each of its subcommittees for students.

But this is not just done for show. In most cases, students that sit on these subcommittees have full voting rights and their input is sought out, considered, and appreciated. Many students that have served on these subcommittees have commented that they believe the faculty and staff members they serve with are committed to serving the students of SDSU.

A.S. has been given the responsibility of appointing students to the various subcommittees on the Senate through our Vice President of University Affairs. Mina Azim, who is serving in that role this year, has been working hard to make sure that students fill these seats so that the student voice is represented in all matters that affect them.

There are still seats available on many of the subcommittees of the SDSU University Senate! If you are an SDSU student in good standing, please consider applying for one of these opportunities. Most committees only meet a few times a semester, so the time committment is minimal, but you have the chance to gain some phenomenal experience.

Also, students are welcome to attend the SDSU University Senate’s regular meetings, which will be held from 2-4:30 pm in AL-101 on the following dates this school year:

September 6, 2011
October 4, 2011
November 1, 2011
December 6, 2011
February 7, 2012
March 6, 2012
April 10, 2012
May 8, 2012

For more information or to apply, click HERE.  If you have additional questions, contact Mina by calling (619) 594-6555 or e-mailing


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