Associated Students 2011 Aztec Achievement Awards Honorees Announced!

Each year, the Associated Students honors students, faculty/staff, boards & committees, and organizations for their dedication to San Diego State University at the Aztec Achievement Awards. This year’s honorees were:

Ericka Corb receiving the Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award

  • Daniel B. Nowak Outstanding Student Service Award:
    Alex Huddleston
  • Daniel P. Goodrich Award: Ronnee Brown
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award: Ericka Korb
  • Shuford C. Swift Award: Leslie Paciski
  • Most Outstanding Freshman: Aaron Choy
  • Dean Herbert Pfeiffer Award: Daniel Williams
  • Dean Margery Warmer Award: Bahareh “Berry” Soltani
  • Harvey Goodfriend Award: Randy Timm
  • Outstanding Alumni: Mike Lopez
  • Outstanding Faculty: Gail Naughton
  • Outstanding A.S. Board & Committee:
    Cultural Arts & Special Events (CASE)
  • Outstanding College Council:
    College of Health & Human Services Student Council
  • Most Improved A.S. Board & Committee:
    Graduate Student Association
  • Most Improved College Council: College of Arts & Letters Student Council
  • Board/Committee Member of the Year: Mina Azim
  • Outstanding Student Organization: California Nursing Students Association (CNSA)
  • Outstanding Advisor: Lori Bednarchik
  • Best Retention Practices Award: Casa Azteca
  • Life Passes: Kevin Kwoka & Jamie Lynn Cochran
  • Dean Carole Robasciotti Outstanding Community Service-Learning Award: Patricia Lozada-Santone

Descriptions of the awards are available here.

A.S. President Grant Mack also presented a number of “Presidential Leadership Awards”:

President Grant Mack presenting the Presidential Leadership Awards

  • Geoffrey Chase
  • Glen Brandenburg
  • Tara Kelly
  • Amanda Pascoe
  • Donna Tusack
  • Elizabeth Kinsley
  • Steve Schnall
  • John Browning

Each year, A.S. presents Lamps of Leadership to graduating seniors who serve on the A.S. Council. This year, the awards were re-named “The Stephen L. & Susan K. Weber Lamps of Leadership” in honor of President Weber’s retirement. Dr. & Mrs. Weber were presented with Lamps of Leadership, along with:

  • Grant A. Mack
  • Sean Kashanchi
  • Laura Schofield
  • Candice Luistro
  • Michael Lee
  • Liat Mageni
  • Kimberly Diaz
  • Danielle Gilbert
  • Lisa Nguyen
  • Daniel Perez
  • Nathan Marshall
  • Bharath Bharadwaj
  • Brenda Hernandez
  • Kyra Baerst
  • Sarah Buxbaum
  • Tara Kelly
  • Stephanie Archibald
  • Alyssa Root
  • Michael Toubi

    2011 Stephen L. & Susan K. Weber Lamp of Leadership Recipients

To close the program, the 2010-11 Executive Officers ceremonially passed the gavels to the 2011-12 Executive Officers-Elect. The new officers will be sworn in on May 4 at the A.S. Council Meeting.

2010-11 Executive Officers

  • President Grant Mack
  • Executive Vice President Sean Kashanchi
  • Vice President of External Affairs Laura Schofield
  • Vice President of Finance Amanda Pascoe
  • Vice President of University Affairs Candice Luistro
The 2010-11 and 2011-12 Executive Officer Teams

2011-12 Executive Officers

  • President Cody Barbo
  • Executive Vice President Darin Ruiz
  • Vice President of External Affairs Krista Parker
  • Vice President of Finance Rob O’Keefe
  • Vice President of University Affairs Mina Azim

The evening closed with a “special” goodbye from event MC’s Sean Kashanci and Jim Herrick, with an appearance by President Mack. See the video here.

Some members of the A.S. Awards Committee.


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