Modern Space

ModernSpace is the name of the project initiated by Associated Students to rebuild the student union at San Diego State University. The current Aztec Center is nearly 50 years old and grossly under serves the needs of students on campus today. It was built for a student population of about 14,000 back in the 1960s. Since then, our student population has doubled, with very little increase in the size of our student union. Additionally, the current building does not meet the engineering and accessibility standards of today. The student union is supposed to be the “living room of the campus”, but instead currently serves a small population of our students. We would like to open up a discussion to answer any questions or concerns regarding modern space and be able to create an open forum for students to voice their opinions.



  1. Going on a tour of Aztec Center I was educated about many problems in the buildings being temporarily fixed. These “fixes” seem that they are not going to be sustainable much longer. They are also not up to code in some cases. These problems are being addressed as best as possible but it will ultimately cost us more money to renovate the buildings instead of investing in Modern Space.

    • I have also gone a tour of Aztec Center. I agree there are many things that need to be fixed in our current student union. The necessary maintenance comes to a total cost of approximately $40 million. I think this is a poor way to spend the money we have so far collected for ModernSpace. If this referendum does not pass, no new features will be added to the student union and many of our students’ needs will not be met. Vote “YES” for ModernSpace March 9 and 10!

  2. My main concern with Aztec Center that it is unsafe for the students who use the office, eat in the food court, and even walk through it. Not only is it undeserving the student body (originally built for a population of 15,000…SDSU has doubled that), the building is also covered with asbestos, the pillars that hold up the structure aren’t seismically sound, and the electrical and plumbing are failing.
    While I know we are in a tough economic time, we won’t be forever. The time to start thinking about future Aztecs is now. Students are being given the opportunity to vote on this issue (it’s a big one) and hopefully positively impact future generations for 80-90 years.
    If ModernSpace doesn’t pass, students will be depriving themselves and future Aztecs on what could have been, and we’re going to have to revisit this issue in a few years and will potentially have to reinvest twice as much money to build a new facility.
    Inform yourself on the issue, consider what the future should bring, and make an educated vote on this issue.

  3. Join the facebook group if you support the ModernSpace Project!

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