Budget Solution Forum

Budget Solution Forum

Friday, December 11th, SDSU Aztec Center, Backdoor – 3:00pm

Please RSVP to as.president@sdsu.edu if you would like to be guaranteed a seat!

The financial priority placed on higher education in California has narrowed significantly over the past decade. We have dealt with these cuts in hopes that conditions would improve, but the problem continues to perpetuate.

In the past few months, we have come together like seldom before to express our frustration with cuts to education. Each protest has proposed a demand in reaction to cuts, and each demand is legitimate and substantial – but none have stated how to achieve it.

A demand without a solution can only find so much support, and for this reason, we propose that students and faculty from SDSU, the San Diego region, and across California, come together to prioritize a solution for the education budgetary problem.

We have built enough momentum and support for this cause to catch the eye of the legislature. We’re starting to realize that We Have the Power to make the changes we want to see in the world. Instead of waiting for representatives to figure out solutions for us, let’s come together and do it ourselves!

The forum will be based on a democratic – one person, one vote – system. If you would like to propose a solution, please reply to as.president@sdsu.edu with as much INFORMATION and DETAIL on your solution as possible.

All Draft Solutions and RSVP’s will be accepted until Wednesday, December 9th.


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