Solutions For Education in CA State Budget

Let’s open up a discussion on solutions that we could advocate for in the State Budget. Keep in mind there are most likely two types of options here:

1) Raise taxes for one population or demographic in California; or

2) Re-allocate funds from one sector in the State Budget to be put into Education.

What are your thoughts?



  1. I believe that we need to re-allocate money in the state budget and to be put into education. If we raise taxes that is just one more thing that we are raising taxes for. Education is essential, meaning we need to make this a priority of our budget instead of kicking education to the curb.

  2. I agree that the money needs to be re-allocated. Right now California is allocating more money to prisons than they are to higher education! They are looking for a quick fix, and believe that throwing money at the prison system will fix our states correction facility flaws.
    It is common sense that the more educated a society is, the less crime exists. During the Brown vs. Board of Education court case, the California Supreme court even admitted, “[Education] is the very foundation of good citizenship… In these days, it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he/she is denied the opportunity of an education.”
    So by taking money from the education system and giving it to prisons, the state is indirectly INCREASING the amount of crime and soon we will need EVEN MORE prisons.
    In contrast, if they gave more money to the education system, then they would not need as much money for prisons.

    • I agree with Nate, there is money in CA that should be re-allocated to higher education, as it is the foundation for good citizenship. I don’t think you can make a strong argument about the state actually contributing to crime, however I do think the money that is going to corrections and rehabilitation and other state agencies could be cut in many ways and allow funds to funnel back to higher education. While the state actually doesn’t spend more on prisons then higher education annually, the state spends vastly more on each prisoner than on a college student, seeing how there are more students than prisoners in california. If the state figures out smart and innovative ways to cut costs on the prison system, which there are many, then there is plenty of money that can be put back into education.

  3. Vote! Studnets should remember that we are the ones who care most about our education. Therefore, we are most likely to vote for people who, and legislation that, supports higher education. As students, it is imperative that we register to vote and turn out on poll days in order to vote for politicians and laws that support higher education.

    • I agree with Dan, our most powerful weapon is our vote. Students need register as soon as possible and I encourage all students to register absentee so they can vote over the summer in the 2010 primary elections. We need to make sure that our legislatures know that we want affordable higher education.

  4. There’s also another conversation going on in the comment box of the most recent Youtube video.

    It’s all about debating with each other in progressive ways to find a solution. I really think that we all have the right mentality to make sustainable decisions that will improve our situation!

    Our student government has a great relationship with Admin, so if we offer them real solutions, they will back us up. We can also work with students around California to collaborate on select courses of action, and stand behind them.

    If blogs & comment discussions is the way to find answers, then so be it!

  5. “The crisis in California is rooted in the failure of capitalism, a social system based on private ownership of the main levers of economic life by a tiny layer of the population, which controls them in the interests of private profit and individual wealth accumulation. Such a system is incapable of meeting the needs of workers and youth for education, health care, good jobs and housing, and a future for coming generations.

    There is no solution within California alone. The problems confronting the state are only a concentrated expression of the failure of world capitalism. The alternative to capitalism is socialism—an egalitarian world society based on the rational and democratic development of the wealth of the planet in the interest of social need. This requires the nationalization of the banks and large corporations and their transformation into public utilities under the democratic control of the working class.”

    — Statement by the ISSE

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